White-Noise Cast 

Main Cast : 

Anglia Cook: Narrator and Old Woman Episode One , Season One.

Ashley Eddy: Sarah Jones, Mother and Gun.

River Kanoff : Samuel Dickerson

Laura Chandler: Death and Extra’s

Nicole Sickafoose: Nicole plays Stella, Stick and some extras.

Stewart Moyer: Victor Greene

 Ben Jackson: Don Fielding and some extra’s

Secondary Cast:

Shawn Wolfe : Bennett, Confederate solider and Mr. Gettys in season one

Travis Mink : Walter Duff.

Bryan Yosten: General Armstead  and Mr. Gettys Season 2

Notable Extras:

Keith Cunningham :Old Man from Episode 1

Drew Patrick : Carl Crane

Ciara Holman: Gloria Sheppard

Brady Wesp :Man 2 in Episode 3, Officer Roberts.

Leslie Shaeffer : Chelsea

Tyler Trumbauer : Felix

Ron Raymond:  as the Old Man from Episode 12 Season 1

Branden Montgomery : Officer Vance

Lynn Jackson :  Nurse

Ross Nisbet: Smitty In Season 2

Tracy Geibel: JennieWade

Mike “Tubby” Smitt:  Police Officer