We have had many people come work with us even if it was for a short while.  We appreciate your help, and guidance in making our stories and productions run smoothly .

Karen Hall : Edited  Episode 1 season one and consultant.

Josh McMichael : Editor and creative consultant.

Brittany Sloss:  Editor in episode 1 season one and understudy.

Daniel Adjei : Music, audio consultant  and former audio director.

Cara Bencivenga : Artwork.

Gene Leigey : Consultant.

Shelly Rice:  Season 2 editor.

Leah Voltz: Former audio director.

Keith Cunningham: Script and production consultant.

Amanda Beil : Historical consultant.

Robert Eller: Historical content editor and consultant.

Tom Flynn: Former  White-Noise administrator.
Jeanine Hertzog: Social media consultant.

Roy Forbes: Artist recruitment.
Dido Antares : Artist of Season 2 White-Noise poster.

Ross T. Nisbet: Contributing  artist and voice actor.

Sarah O’Melia: White-Noise logo designer.