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Sarah was your average teenager from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, till one day she discovers she is a ghost. With the help of a Confederate soldier named Sam Dickerson, she is introduced to Death and Death’s assistants, who have the answer to why she is still a lingering. Upon this meeting Death tells her that she is an unjust death, and must solve her murder before she can proceed on her journey to the light. Empowered with this goal Sarah wastes no time to solve her murder. Though in her haste to solve her murder, she meets another ghost named Stella Smith, who works for a see-er named Father Victor Greene, who Stella thinks might be able to help. Though Mr. Greene is not as generous as he seems, his services cost a price, which opens up more problems than Sarah expected. To find out more, tune in monthly to see what happens in the afterlife.

Rating and Triggers: PG* to PG-13* For  Violence, dark subject matter and implied gore. Some subject matter may also trigger PTSD or Anxiety.


We at Bad Mitten Studios do not condone racism or support the Confederate movement. We however found White-Noise to be a unique opportunity to tell a story and express multiple complex ideas. These ideas are sometimes contradictory to history, but were written into the story to preserve character, or offer an opportunity for character bonds and development to occur. If we have offended anyone, in anyway, we apologize.

*This is not an official rating by the MPAA