All the cast and crew of White-Noise work hard at getting this production produced for your entertainment. In return we all have gained valuable experiences and memories. There are some particular individuals though that we would like to thank specifically. However  we value and appreciate every cast member equally so with this said:
We wish to take this time to thank every White-Noise cast and crew member who contributed their talents and efforts to making this production what it is today. This wouldn’t have been possible without any of you. Thank you!

Tom Ricci for your encouragement in the starting up of this podcast.

Laura Chandler for your constant support and words of encouragement.

Daniel Adjei for being prompt and offering your support.

Ben Jackson for your dedication and support.

Michael Dodin for your support, providing knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm.

Angela DePeau for your consistent support.

Brittany Sloss for your uncanny ability to bounce ideas off of.

Josh McMichael for your support.

Karle Roberts for your support.

Pearl Sutton Thanks for all your support and advice from an audience stand point.

Atrayu Lynn Myers for your advice.

Ross T. Nisbet for your support and input on script dialogue

Gettysburg Police Department: For your input on police procedure .

Virginia Historical Society: For providing me with some information on the 7th Virginia Infantry.

Edinboro University Communications department for educating our co-founder Ben Jackson and offering us to use your sound studio in 2015 .

Radius Cowork for the use of co-work space and conference rooms from 2017- Present