Founder J.M. Sutton

J.M Sutton is a photographer by trade writer by choice. She is the creator of the mythos and story of White-Noise.  She is very hopeful and excited to be producing  and creating great content , with great people.  She is a self taught  writer and  lover of creative storytelling.  Her goal with Bad Mitten is to create unique content for the masses and offer  her peers a outlet for their creativity and creative experiences.


Co Founder/ Sound and Acting Director:Ben Jackson

Ben is new to voice acting. However he is looking forward to how this project turns out He has done a lot of projects on YouTube including xPerfectStrangersx and HeracrossGaming. He enjoys watching videos on YouTube, movies and TV. He also likes playing video games, and board games. He is currently going to school for Broadcasting and Mass Media. He plays and Father, Don , Bennett and a few extra’s.

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Content Editor: Angela Cook

Angela Cook has been apart of Bad Mitten since the beginning. She started  by helping us with editing season one scripts and worked up into  helping us streamline our social media. She has also been a great asset to looking over our written content for spelling , grammar and fact checking  us when necessary.