Main Characters of White-Noise

Sarah Jones

In life Sarah was your average internet addicted teenager from Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Though mysterious circumstances, not even known to her ended her life. This podcast is her story though the afterlife.

Samuel Dickerson

Samuel is the ghost of a confederate soldier who would rather not talk about his wet death. Yet despite his silence, he has taken upon himself to help Sarah on her journey to the light. Though for what reasons are unclear, and even if they are selfless, what is the cost he must pay for his kindness?

Stella Smith

She was a singer, who was killed on her way home from the best night of her life, ever since she has had a strong hate for those who kill. She currently works for Victor Greene in the hopes she can gain back the runes she gave to him. She has one more to go, though she is not getting it as quickly as she would like.

Supporting Characters of White-Noise


Death is whoever you would like them to be. They exist everywhere and nowhere at once. Though s/he is helpful, and a great guide, s/he is always in a rush to keep the universal balance between life and death. Whether s/he be rolling the dice of fate, or sewing it back together again.


Like all of deaths current and previous assistants Gun was once alive, in that life she was a sleeper agent in Korea that got captured, the rest often comes to her in fragments or is too scattered for her to remember clearly. Upon death she was bestowed a special power, which she uses to assist death in their duty to the universe. Unlike death she is quite serious and does her best to stay professional and is quite good at troubleshooting problems.


Like all of deaths current and previous assistants Stick was once alive, however when he died he was bestowed a special power, which he uses to assist death in their duty to the universe.
He remembers very little of the life he lead before. Though this flighty spirit enjoys hitting things with a stick, even if others would think otherwise.

Victor Greene

In his childhood he noticed his gift for seeing the dead. In his youth he got close to a ghost named Minerva and spent most his childhood with his mother and many members of the church. Victor decided upon graduating high school that he would join the clergy, though his greed got the best of him and he decided to find his own path to god. It was around this time he met Stella, and the Valkyrie named Mel, who has a vendetta against him. He can keep running but how much longer can he escape his past?

Mel/ Minerva:

Mel, formally Victors first assistant Minerva is a Valkyrie. Like most Valkyrie’s she is powerful and carries the runes & will of  another ghost. Sadly this will destroyed the friendship she held dear with Victor, and as a result Mel desires nothing more to then to kill him.

Minor Characters of White-Noise

Walter Duff

Not much is known about this Union boy, other than the fact he is a bit off and has some bad blood with Sam. Though his darkening runes are becoming a concern to all including his comrades.


Bennett was the officer in charge of Sarah’s murder case. He is a tired and cranky cop , who enjoys greasy food a little too much for his own good. Though he and Victor have history, Bennett does not care for the priest, despite what ever past adventures they had. He isn’t the best cop but he tries his best to bring justice, even if it means causing a stir. Though he would prefer to do so without Victor around.

Carl Crane

Local football player who has some information for Sarah. Though will he admit to it is a different story entirely.

Gloria Sheppard

She is Carl’s girlfriend and she also has a secret that might help Sarah in her journey to passing on.

Don Fielding

Friend of Sam’s from the war. Who is both useful for his touch talent as well as his willingness to help.

Mr. Gettys

This man is based off of the actual founder of Gettysburg, Mr. Samuel Gettys. In his after life he manages a tavern in Gettysburg and participates in the rune trade. Mr. Getty’s is the number one source for news and rumor.


Also a ghost in the Tavern that sells information in exchange for runes.  He lingers in the parlor and often has his nose out for new opportunities and competition. He particularly dislikes Victor and refuses to associate with anyone who is friends or even assistants to Victor.