White-Noise: Season 3: Episode 1: River of Hate


Welcome to the final season of White-Noise.

Sara and Sam take their first steps into the afterlife as the travel down the River Styx, there is just one problem… the river is gone. Plus we finally learn Stella’s fate after Victor’s exorcism. What will become of our spirits, find out on this episode of White-Noise

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Haunt Spots Episode 12: The Farnsworth House


White-Noise: Season 2: Episode 11: End Of The Line


This is our second to last episode of season two. A lot has happened , and more has yet to occur. Will Victor live? Why did Sam block Mel’s last attack and what side will Sarah stand on, find out on this episode of White-Noise.

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White-Noise: Season 2: Episode 10: Life of Mel


In our last episode we discovered who Mel was, and witnessed the power of her will to kill Victor. If it were not for our quick solider and his rune tricks, she may have gotten what she wanted.
The rune trick Sam used in particular sent Mel into a series of flashbacks. These flash backs are featured in this episode.

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