We are going to be providing a little bit of content this October to
entertain you durring the White-Noise Break. Our first feature is a preveiw of our new show, Haunt Spots. It is going to be a podcast about haunted places , and the
history behind them.  This show is still in pre- production, so October is the only month we have episodes planned for pre- release. Our next feature is a little project I would like to make a yearly . Halloween Special for BAD Mitten Studios. It is called Grave Yard Girl, and we had hoped to have an episode done by October, but we failed to land the assistance of a Animator. However we decided to create and release a proof of concept Animatic of a scene from the script, so that we could partake in the Halloween spirit.
We are excited to share these
previews with you and are eager to know your thoughts. So stay tuned for our previews in October.

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If you would like to read The Bite, volume 1, issue 3 , you will get to read the following articles:

General Announcements
We Went to Gettysburg.
October Features
Ghost and Quote
Character of the Month

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