There are a variety of volunteers at Bad Mitten Studios. Most are actors, who work remotely and a few are our friends who offer the occasional hand. We are thankful for the help we have received, but we are lacking help in equally important areas, such as administration, marketing and production. The need for these volunteers has also grown since we have recently started to expand, and if we want to reach the next step, we need help from other talented creatives. Our next step is to turn our volunteer based company into a profitable one. We want to use the funds, generated from these profits, to pay our volunteers, overhead, and for other expenses. Yet were we stand at this moment we can not reach any of those goals. So we are reaching out to you, our fans, to help and grow with us.
If you would like to volunteer , please message us at If you don’t feel you can commit to working with us you can show your support in other ways. You can share this announcement with a friend looking for volunteer work, write us a review on I-tunes, share our content , blog about us, invite us to speak on your show or critique us on our work; Which ever you choose, we will be grateful for the support. Your opinion of our stories is valuable to us, and having your support will keep us going , and give us the opportunity to create more content.

If you would like to subscribe to our regular newsletter  visit our Patreon at link.
If you would like to read The Bite, volume 1, issue 4 , you will get to read the following articles:

Bluriecon Adventures.
White-Noise Progress Update.
Ghost and Quote and a Hiaku.

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